Vicki C. Timmons Hemler 

Vicki Hemler was born Vicki Carol Robertson and raised in Chambersburg PA; educated in the Chambersburg School System. She was an avid lover of art; drawing, painting, pastels, and also, designing. While in school, she received awards for her art work, which later, as she progressed in her talent, was on display at Chambersburg hospital and other venues.

As Vicki married and had a family, Son Ted and daughter Amy, she is now a grandmother of 3 grandchildren – Teddy, Robbie, Kristen. As a stay at home Mom, Vicki developed a desire to use her talent. She opened her own business which operated out of her home – a gift shop called “The Country Parlor.” Her husband Frank did all the woodwork for Vicki’s designs. Working together designing, building, and hand-painting one of a kind treasures for purchase in her shop.

Vicki was also successful in building a network in “Herbalife Co.” – a company with many excellent Herbal Health Products. She managed many Distributors under her in her Network and helped them become successful also. Vicki has always been interested in others regarding health and comfort.

When her husband of 31 years was diagnosed with stage-IV prostate cancer which metastasized to his bladder. Vicki and her church prayed earnestly for his healing. When Frank could no longer work, she took a job caring for Hospice patients in their homes at night in order to be home with Frank during the day. Due to the illness, there were on-going appointments with doctors and treatments.

One night as Vicki was preparing Frank for bed before she left for work, she took the tape from his tubes. Frank began to bleed because his skin was so damaged from so much taping. Vicki went to work that night crying. She knew there had to be a way to make him more comfortable – to get away from the safety pins pinning the drainage bags to his t-shirt and all the tape that made him bleed. The distress she felt when leaving brought her to interceding in prayer. She asked the Lord for a solution to this desperate situation her husband was in. He could not rest for fear the tubes would pull out while he slept. That night in prayer the Lord gave Vicki the idea for a belt and the miracles began. She then took her pad out and drew a simple belt. She went the next day to a medical store, discovering that no one had anything to offer; she went to a fabric store and the Lord showed her exactly what to buy and how it was to be made. She went home and made it in 2 and ½ hrs.

Frank put it on and immediately his anxiety lifted. When Frank wore it to his next appointment with his Oncologist Dr. Robinson, he was amazed and said that Vicki should patent it. He had never seen anything like it. He gave Vicki a book on getting a patent and she read it 4 times over and asked for his help. He put her in touch with those that could help her in this endeavor.

Today Frank is in Heaven with the Lord. Vicki is remarried to a wonderful man, Randy. The Nephrostomy Comfort Belt is being sold all over the world and is bringing much comfort to those aware and who are in need of one. Vicki has always held in her heart something: Pat Robertson said a long time ago, “To be a success, Find A Need And Fill It.”

Vicki’s goal that everyone in need of the belt would have it provided to them by the hospital where they had the procedure done – eliminating tape and safety pins thus bringing much comfort and help for patient and caregiver.

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In Him Alone,

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