Soul Terra LLC

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Soul Terra LLC

Sara’s Bio:

My parents raised my brother and I to embrace the wilderness every chance we had. Free time on weekends and vacations was spent enjoying the out-of-doors, and it became our home away from home; whether it was a hike, a ski or simply camping beneath a green, wooded canopy, the value for the wild as a quiet, healing place became clear to me early on.

In college, I studied psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder to better understand the human experience. Graduating a year early, I opted to explore the free spirit in myself and set out in an old van to see and ski the American West. Often parking in and around undeveloped natural landscapes, the importance of these spaces and their effect on my body and mind grew ever more apparent.

I began my career at Second Nature Entrada, a wilderness therapy company. Our program served teens and young adults with a wide variety of serious issues. There, I witnessed the ability of nature to “hold” people while supporting the release of barriers to their personal truth.

I also worked with Animas Valley Institute, a nature-based Vision Quest company, as their Program Manager. Their inclusion of ceremony and spiritual connection with nature was food for my soul, and I witnessed the dramatic effects on the attendees. My role was to organize and facilitate the institution’s retreats in the wilderness surrounding Durango, CO. I guided participants in their choice to say “yes” to a life they genuinely wanted and encouraged their longing to discover the “sacred” in nature.

Tethering my fascination with people and their unique paths to my deep connection to Spirit in nature, I co-founded SoulTerra in 2015 with my mother, Lisa.

Lisa’s Bio:

I was raised in Louisville, Kentucky in a Catholic family as the oldest of eight children. I enjoyed my role as the oldest child, happy to care for and play with my younger siblings. I learned early how to love a diverse group of people! I attended Catholic school throughout my childhood, appreciating the message of love and the value of ritual, but struggled with some of the rules and the exclusivity of the church. Throughout my life, I have read and studied various Eastern and Western spiritual paths, sometimes attending church and sometimes not. But spirituality has always held a vital role in my life.

I earned my BA in psychology in 1977 from Miami University of Ohio and furthered my education by attending the California School of Professional Psychology. I earned my Ph.D. in1982 with an emphasis in rural psychology. I was especially intrigued about the healing process and resonated with the notion that every person can be reached if truly heard.

I didn’t know how much of a nature lover I was until I went backpacking in college. A connection to nature was opened, I loved it! And that experience began a lifetime of hiking, camping, and backpacking which has fed my soul, both physically and spiritually. Fortunately, 35 years ago I met a man in the lift line at Mammoth Ski Area, who loves these activities as much as I do. Throughout our marriage, we have spent our free time in nature, sharing these experiences with our children as well.

In my adult life, I have chosen to live and work in rural areas, close to nature, always managing to find a trail within walking distance of our home. I have had a private practice since becoming

licensed in 1984, loving both the time spent with my clients and the independence of creating my own schedule. During the years of working as a psychologist, I have come to realize that my work is really about love—supporting my clients to both love themselves and love others.

Over the years, I have come to realize that nature is my church, where I truly feel Spirit’s presence. I continue to love my work as a psychologist, and feel a deep yearning to add something to connect nature to my work and reach more people . . . bringing me to co-found SoulTerra with my daughter, Sara.

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