Laura Pickens

Laura Pickens

Hello, I’m Laura Pickens, a health coach and a resource for people with cancer looking for emotional support. I developed a program for people to go when they get diagnosed with cancer that takes all of the guess work about what to do, where to go, and how to navigate through a difficult time. The program is a 12 weeks and is called Accept and Transform. I meet with you weekly over the phone to identify your feelings, process and release them and come up with a plan to move forward so you can transform your life and create an even better one than before.

In 2010, I attended Vanati, which is a school that teaches a modality in the healing profession called Cellular Expansion and Healing. It is designed to teach you how to clear your own personal struggles emotionally and experience how change is possible. Because I took part in my own healing I was able to use that as a way to help others in theirs. I worked as a Massage Therapist for over 12 years and incorporated this healing into my sessions. I see first hand how our stories live in our bodies. How our stressful stories show up in the body as aches and pains, and when our joyful stories show up as expansion and flow. Our thoughts paired with an inspired action have the power to define if we want stress in the body or if we want ease in the body. And how consistently over time choosing supportive thoughts and actions can result in the relief we have been waitng for.

I am ready to work with you if you are ready to transform in a way that helps you reach a higher potential. To inspire you to keep going no matter how hard it gets because I know that you can create anything with the right mindset and plan in place to follow through.

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