Jennifer Green


Jennifer Green

Jennifer is a 5th Generation Nashville Astrologer & Inspirational Muse, Life coach, and is offering tools of Reiki, Spiritual empath, Tarot Cards, as well master of the art of Palm readings just to name a few.

She believes that being an Astrologer, Empath, coaching people to gain peace of mind and to simply enjoy her life is her passion. Being a 5th generation astrologer, it runs through her DNA. Her ancestors has devoted their whole life for over 2 centuries to healing the mind, the body and the spirit.

Wether it is for your entertainment, curiosity or needing to make a breakthrough in life, just by speaking to her. Jennifer will give you a comforting positive feeling of energy and promises that if the Universe has put it up for you, then you may already feel that positive continent feeling with me already. If you are feeling like this, you wouldn’t want to wait long to visit her. You would want to get the best out of the session, no better time than now.

Having a session with Jennifer will be one of the most enlightening experience ever, its like a mental message. Reconnecting yourself, revealing the answers that has been keeping you up night. Can you imagine how incredible it can feel to go to sleep with  peace of mind. We all can use some of that.

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