Hailey Wiseman


Hailey Wiseman 

I love getting up every morning before the sun rises and dropping into the mystery and chatting with God. Most days I note my conversations in my journal then, to serve my crafty side, I design Instagram postcards with those words and share them! I also am flat out inspired and passionate about facilitating profoundly inspirational Soul sessions for my clients. I’ve always loved personally and professionally, with folks just like you, working through the challenges that come with personal and spiritual development.

I enjoy reading and spending as much time as possible hiking and camping high in the mountains of Colorado. Honoring the earth is my thing. Sharing and receiving Love is my thing. Connection is my thing. I love deep diving within my Soul so that I may rise to be present for all that is. And travel… way my thing. Tibet and Nepal are by far my most favorite adventures. Their energy changed my life.

I went to the University of Texas at Austin and to Regis University in Denver. I received a BA and an MA in Psychology. I studied Archetypal Psychology with the late Dr. Charles Bebeau and have been blessed to take many workshops in the Mind, Body, Spirit genre. In my mid-twenties and thirties I was a workshop junkie, a case worker serving persons with a mental health disability and a energy body worker. I have been meditating for over 25 years almost daily. I have taught meditation classes and recorded a meditation CD. I’ve facilitated countless therapy and coaching sessions, energy body work sessions, readings, and workshops all of which I love.

I spent 15 years in corporate America selling hardware and software quite successfully. Imagine that! I fostered children in my early 40’s then when I hit my mid 40’s I left corporate America. I went back to making a living doing what I love – facilitating Soul growth. I started a radio show, opened my private practice and went to pilates school. I opened a pilates studio at 51 and sold it two years later making a profit on my investment. All that business experience paid off!

I suppose I could go on sharing more of my life with you but why? You are what is important and let me tell you if I can overcome feeling unloved as long as I can remember, countless acts of emotional and sexual abuse, rape, betrayal, a suicide attempt, a failed adoption, a divorce, helping most of my family members pass, the healing of my mind & body, and a 50 pound weight loss, then I know you can as well. We are meant to thrive not just survive.

Honestly, this may sound strange but I am thankful I had all of those experiences because they have taught me how to love but more importantly how to receive love and to love myself radically and that is exactly what I intend to teach you!

Visit me at You will find a lot of goodies there you can download when you need inspired and find my social media links there. I look forward to your visit!

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