Dr. Catherine Giraud, Ph.D

Dr. Catherine Giraud was born in France. She was partly raised in her beloved Provence area, West Africa and the United Arab Emirates. In 10th grade she started studying on her own for lack of proper schooling where her family lived. She completed her Master degree in Fine Arts in Marseille, France, in 1984. After working for two years as the private photographer of the President of the Southern French Government, she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and continue her worldly adventures. In 1987, she relocated to St. Croix, Virgin Islands, after a year traveling on her sailing vessel.

In St Croix, she taught art for ten years in the local school system. This experience led her to develop an interest in art therapy and psychology. In 1996, Catherine enrolled at the University of the Virgin Islands and obtained her Master degree in Counseling and Guidance in 1999. She immediately started teaching at the University while providing school counseling under the supervision of psychologist Juliana Zinn.

Catherine quickly understood the necessity to further her study in order to better satisfy her students and her counseling clientele. She, therefore, enrolled at Walden University in the doctoral program of psychology from which she graduated four years later. During this time, she continued to teach psychology to graduates and under graduates on the St Croix campus. She then completed the AAASP requirements (American Association for Applied Sport Psychology) for the certification of Sport Psychology Consultant in 2007.

Her work experience includes working as a sport psychologist with coach Lisa Neuberger and her international team of Olympic windsurfers. One of her star windsurfing athlete won the gold medal at the Pan American Game in Brazil (2007). Catherine was a therapist for four years at VIBS crisis center, intervening on many occasions in girls group home and boys group home. She has conducted sport psychology workshops/conferences on St Croix, suicide/ anger management/conflict resolution/ mediation trainings in and out of the school system. She became the clinical director of the Junior Ranch organization and conducted several humanitarian projects in the Caribbean’s. Catherine also partnered in several business ventures on St Croix including the Gallery at the Pentheny, an art gallery, a construction company and a restaurant, Zebo in Christiansted.

Catherine is a member of APA (American Association of Psychologists), AVIP, the local APA chapter, ACAVI (American Counseling Association of the Virgin Islands) and AAASP (American Association for Applied Sport Psychology). She also worked for four years with the United States Olympic Committee and the International Positive Psychology Association.

For the last ten years, Catherine has devoted her time to her private counseling practice. She mainly addresses anger and stress management trainings, relationships and family therapy, personality disorders and children/adolescent issues as well as psychological skills for peak performance. She also provides emergency grief debriefing services throughout the Virgin Islands. She has worked with Government agencies on many

occasions as well as private companies. Recently, Catherine has closely collaborated to the writing and presenting of the Counseling Licensure Bill to the thirty-first Legislature. She is a member of the Licensure and Government Relations Committee of the ACAVI and hope to become a member of first Board of Licensed Counselors and Examiners of the Virgin Islands.