Bonnie Strati, Yoga Sports Coach(TM)

Bonnie Strati is a Yoga Sports Coach(TM), Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer who takes holistic approach to help athletes & clients achieve their maximum potential. Bonnie combines her love of sports and yoga to help athletes gain knowledge of the mind/body connection to improve their strength, stamina, flexibility, speed and recovery all while achieving mental clarity.  Nutritionally, she gives clients the opportunity to understand what their body needs and work with them to build a program that works for them and their lifestyle. They gain a greater awareness of their habits and are able to have success with their program.
In addition to her one-on-one business, Bonnie is the Head of Graduate Community for The Institute of Yoga Sports Science®, providing a global community of certified coaches with continuing education and fostering collaboration within this talented network as well as being a tutor for their online course.
Bonnie has been a multi-sport athlete throughout her life. As a child she played soccer, gymnastics, baseball and softball. In High School she played varsity field hockey and lacrosse. At Ithaca College she earned her degree in Speech Communications and became a certified aerobics instructor. For six years Bonnie trained and competed as a natural bodybuilder, following a rigorous and disciplined program of diet, strength training and yoga to keep her body in top physical form. It was here that Bonnie began her journey to understanding the benefits of yoga for any athlete. In 2004, she began playing tennis (rated 2.5 by the USTA) and has since competed in four amateur USTA National Championship tournaments to date and coached a junior team that also competed at Nationals. She is currently rated a USTA 4.0 player and Captains a league team.
Advanced Yoga Sports Coach – Institute of Yoga Sports Science
Level 2 Nutrition Coach – Precision Nutrition
200 hr Yoga Instructor – Sage Yoga
Personal Training – AAAI/ISMA
Current Courses
300 hr yoga teacher training
CPD Credits for NLP in Sport – Inside-Performance
Studying for NCSA – CPT Certification