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Thank you for the opportunity to be on the show!
Was very nice, very professional and I will promote your radio station to everyone!
Thanks to the host, he was superb!
I wish you guys the best, a lot of success and I hope in a near future be interviewed again but this time in Spanish.
The Latin American and Hispanic Market is one of the most radio loyalty people and very consumer oriented.
I'm sure and confident that if you guys have this type of service and radio exposure for the Spanish market, you will be rewarded.
Thanks again for the opportunity, was an honor be at your show.


I'm watching here for the link to today's 8-minute interview around 9 am Pacific.Am already receiving multiple notes from those who "attended" the interview today...all positive!
Many thanks.

Antonia Allegra (Toni)Former Client

I just wanted to let you know that I had a delightful experience with the interview. I also had an easy time preparing for and setting up this interview. Michael asked simple questions that allowed me to elaborate and provided appropriate feedback. If you would like me to participate in another interview, please contact me again.
Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

Lucile Bodenheimer

Thank you for today’s interview. Michael was very good. I liked his energy!
I look forward to working with you more in the future. As you can tell from the interview I have a lot to share.

Judith A. Swack, Ph.D.

Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed by michael! The whole process was fun and easy!

Eaglemoon Raes


thanks for the opportunity to share about my work on your show. The interview and process went smoothly.

Lauren Tobing-Puente

Michael David was a pleasure to speak with on the radio show today. He was very clear, professional and happy. The time flew by. I can't wait to hear the show!

Thank you and Brandon for selecting me. It was honor.

Alisha Tamburri

Thank you so much for the interview. I think it went very well.

Connie Haynes

Good morning, I just wanted to thank you for reaching gout to me and making me a part of your broadcast. Mike was great felt super comfortable speaking with him.

If I can ever be of assistance to you or someone you know, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Dr. Opthof

Thanks for a great interview with Michael David today. I really enjoyed being part of the show!

Liz Beusang

Thank you for the opportunity of being a guest in your program, It was a delight to participate. I appreciate the time that you invest in this project wich I find inspirational, giving the opportunity to small businesses and entrepreneurs to have a voice in the media.I would like to request a recording of the segment to share with my family, friends and network of vendors who work in my field. Thanks again and let me know how I can support your radio station in any way possible.

Sandy Alvarez

Hello, We had our interview this morning and I think it went great! Thank you so much!

Melonie Neilson

Thank you again for bringing me on for an interview today. Everyone has been incredibly helpful with the scheduling and planning process. Most importantly, I had a lovely time being on air and chatting today. Have a beautiful day!

Ashley Gerrity

Many thanks to your interviewer, Michael David! He was well prepared to interview us and skillfully gave the listeners our website and contact information.

Linda Reed and Rosemarie Burns

Hi, Thanks so much for having me on the show! The broadcast went well and it was super easy to do! The process of setting it up was also super easy and went smoothly as well! Thanks so much!

Isabel Smith

Hello, Thanks again for inviting me to interview.

Cammi J. Marlin

Hi there, Thank you so much for having me on the show. Everything went super smoothly, and I really enjoyed my time on air. I'm happy to be a guest anytime!


Amy Gorin

The interview went well, it was much smoother than anticipated. Thank you for the opportunity.
Capt. John Ward / Affinity Charters

Cant. John Ward

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know, I had my interview with Sal today on your radio and it was such a great experience. Sal’s questions were very positive and easy to answer. I enjoyed the chance to be a part of it and want to thank you for reaching out to me!

Maiken Wiese

First of all I am very honored you picked my business and had a great feeling of excitement. So even though I was nervous abit I enjoyed informing the public about my industry, as there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. Michael was very pleasant and asked all the right questions. He also said the interview went very well. I am glad to be of service, and will tune in to your station to see what else you discuss about. I want to thank you for this usual opportunity I did not see coming. I feel very blessed. Thank you

Janelle RobertsOwner, BratDogz Pet Spa

Hello there, My interview was very well handled. I felt comfortable with the interviewer and everything went well from my perspective. Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed.

Nancy Skipton

Hi, I think the interview went well. The host made me feel as comfortable and asked appropriate questions. Everything was relevant. Thanks for this opportunity!

Allison Scheinfeld

Thanks so much for the interview broadcast opportunity. I felt that the interview went well.

Mark Berkowitz

Hi, I was told to email some feedback after my broadcast. Overall it was a great and super easy experience and I felt like the questions were very straightforward. The whole process didn't take a lot of prep time either. Thanks so much!

Jackie Romero

On Mindfulness today at 3:00. I enjoyed it and thought that Michael not only guided the discussion well, he added some of his own insights as well. Thanks.

Clint Felker, PhD

Hello, the interview was amazing the questions they asked really opened up the opportunity to relevantly speak about us and what we are about so thank you so much for having us on your show it was truly an honor!

Krystle MontalvoThe Fit Factory Owner

I just had a great interview with Michael David. He asked great questions and really seemed to have a feel for my industry. He made it easy to respond and give what I hope was an interesting interview.

I truly appreciate this opportunity and thank you.

Holly Kaplansky

To whom it may concern,

Thank you for the interview today. It went well. Is there a place where I can find the recorded interview? Thank you so much.

Kayla Barry MS RD CDN

Thank you for having me on your show! Jenn was great host and she helped me relax.
Thank you -Much appreciated! Cheers!

Edwin Marin

Show was great. I loved the host's enthusiasm and being engaged with me during the interview. Definitely worthwhiel for anyone to do. I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you.

Julie Coraccio Reawaken Your Brilliance

Thank you SO much. She’s a fantastic host and I’m excited to share our interview soon. Have a great day!

Ashley Stanfield Organizer / Coach / Artist

I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed. Michael David was great and I would love more opportunities to come on in the future.

Jennifer Palmer

Thank you Micheal and Team at Empire Radio, This was my first of many radio interviews.
The Radio interview was fun an exciting. Micheal was awesome. Thank you so much for the opportunity to inspire your audience.

Ron Queeney

Michael David interviewed me this morning on Empire Radio Now at 9:40 est and asked me to send a follow-up email. Michael certainly made the interview easy since I am not really accustomed to "public" speaking. Thanks for the opportunity.

Sally Moore

Hi, I have just finished the radio interview over the phone with Michael David and both he and I thought it went very well. Thank you for asking me to provide you with some content for your listeners.

Andrew McJannett-Smith

Show was great. I loved the host's enthusiasm and being engaged with me during the interview. Definitely worthwhiel for anyone to do. I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you.

Julie Coraccio

Client Testimonial:

“What a super time Carol and I had today! The car picked us up right at 4:15 and we had a great driver. We were taken for our appointments promptly and had over 2 hours of pampering!! We both had great massages and facials. Looks like you have to come to New York to get things done up right! The staff at the Spa were so friendly and professional.

Many thanks for all the great care you have given to us. We certainly appreciate it. And the dinner out on Friday night was simply a great treat.

All in all, we have had a great time in the last few days. The TV interview experience was exciting for both of us. Muriel was a delight and made that interview sparkle! It was great meeting Ben and the rest of the crew. We were made to feel so welcome.

And best of all, we got to meet you in person!! We definitely count you as a great friend.

So you take good care of yourself and we will talk soon.”

– Cheryl Strickland and Carol Davies –