Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Small space dwellers know how hard can it be to find space for storage. However, the good news is that there’s lots of ways to work around the small space to maximize the space. Check out below some of the small kitchen storage ideas for inspiration.

Add Cabinets To The Ceiling

small kitchen storage ideasExtend cabinetry all the way up to the ceiling. Utilize all that free space above your upper cabinets. There you can store seldom used items, so they’ll always be close at hand but away from dust. This will free up more space for every day use items at lower shelves.

Backlash Shelves

Open shelves installed on the backlash can help priority items at all times visible and accessible. Such shelves can be installed in an awkward or other place where there’s not enough room to hold cabinets. For example, you can get a magnetic strip on the backlash. It will keep your knives and other items at easy reach.

You can also install glass shelves on the backlash and use them to store your glassware. This way, your glassware and shelves will match each other and blend in with the backlash. So there’ll be almost invisible.

Use the Bottoms of Your Cabinets

When you think your cabinets can’t possibly hold more items, you can also utilize their undersides. You can install hooks to hang cups or utensils. Another idea is to install magnetic strips, which you can then use as a floating spice rack.

Get Organizational Inserts

Get cabinet organizers or drawer inserts. These are panty pullouts that come with spice racks, knife or cutlery organizers, wine cubbies and other inserts where you can have everything neatly organized and easy to find. And try to keep these pantries without clutter. Make sure that your goods don’t mix up with expired items.

Upgrade Corner Cabinets

Everything that is stored in corner cabinets tends to almost never being used again since it’s quite hard reaching into these awkward spaces. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Considering upgrading your corner cabinets to swing-out organizers. It will allow you to make full use of your corner cabinet and will make reaching anything from there easy without bending or twisting.

Use the Oven For Storage

When not in use, the oven can also become the place to store all the baking items. You can put there your baking sheets, muffin tins and other items. Jut don’t forget to take them out before starting the oven.

Utilize the Kitchen Island

Make the island in your kitchen hollow. It can become great storage space for additional kitchen items, such as cookbooks, toaster or different accessories.

Make Use of the Space Around the Fridge

If there’s a lit a sliver of space between your fridge and the wall, you can add into that space a narrow rollout pantry. There you can keep canned goods, spices and other nonperishable products.

Add Cabinets Above the Window

There’s also extra space above the window that you can use. So install there either a shelf or another cabinet.

Create a Storage Packed Banquette

If you have a banquette nook in your kitchen, you can use the space under the seat for storage. It can either be a hinged top or a drawer, though the hinged top will offer more space. The drawer, however, is the most user friendly option because you can easier access the contents without having to remove the cushions or any others you’d have on top of the bench. In this storage space, you can keep table linens or any seasonal decor.

Use Extra Space in the Nearby Room

tiny kitchenIf you’re out of space in your tiny kitchen, consider creating a storage nook or closet in an adjoining room. You can make a recessed niche where you’ll be storing kitchen tools that you seldom use or different nonperishable pantry items. To close it off, you can hang up a curtain or just install doors.

Consider Installing Open Shelves

Sometimes the kitchen is so small, that there isn’t enough space to even install hanging cabinets. In such case, consider installing shelves instead. They will add more storage space and will make it easier reaching for your dishes and glasses.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Another great hack is to install a magnetic panel to the back of one of the cabinet’s doors and use it as a spice rack. It’s a clever idea for tapping unused space.

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