Hidden Renovation Costs That Can Sink Your Budget

You can’t predict everything when renovating. However, you can prepare for hidden renovation costs, so you wouldn’t have to pay a huge chunk of money all of a sudden. If you want to save yourself unnecessary heartache, it’s important to plan smart ahead. Here are a few of the commonly overlooked extra costs that you should keep in mind when planning your next renovation.

Extra Hands

hidden renovation costsEven though you might think that you’ll be able to move around all the boxes on your own, in the end you might end up in need of extra strong hands. Maybe you can handle clearing out the space on your own, but at the same time, there’s a chance that moving all that gigantic furniture on your own is not really possible. Then you would need to hire a moving company and that would add to your renovation costs.

Debris and Haulage Removal

Before beginning the renovation, you need to clear out the house and that means there’ll be a lot of debris and waste left behind. So before you’ll be able to start any of the renovation work, you’ll need to get rid of this waste. And most of us forget about it until it’s needed. However, this can get quite costly since you’ll need to hire manual labor and a lorry to transport waste. The amount you’ll be paying for debris and haulage removal depends on the size of your house and the extent of the renovation you’ve got planned.

Building Codes

Building codes serve the purpose of protecting public health and safety. Additionally, they implement policies for energy efficiency and sustainability. And this can mean hidden costs, especially if you’re renovating a house that was built ages ago. The building codes could have changed since the time the house was built. So when renovating, you might have to bring it up to code, which of course costs money.

Hotel Stays

You might choose to stay at home during the renovation but with time all the noise too unbearable. So for convenience, considering budgeting a night or two at the hotel. You don’t have to book anything in advance, just budgeting a few nights of getting away will already making a bit less stressful.

Eating Out

If you’re planning kitchen remodelling, chances are you’ll be eating out a lot. Cooking without a kitchen can be a real challenge, especially since everything will also be covered in dust. You can create a temporary kitchen to avoid this, but that can also be costly. So plan to be eating take away or eating out.

Think of the Pup

Your dog might have the nerves of steel. But for a lot of pets all the noise and strangers might be a little too much. So check that he’s handling the stress well enough. If he isn’t, consider a brief boarding or you can hire a mid-day dog walker or leave it with one of the relatives or friends.

Unexpected Structured Changes

After demolishing the drywall, you might suddenly realize that the beam you thought would be strong, actually isn’t. Especially in the kitchen, people often have to deal with unplanned structural changes. And this can increase your budget by 10 to 15 percent. So before the remodelling begins, consider all the potential structural changes and try to include them in your budget.

Changing Your Mind

Your indecisiveness can also be a potential hidden cost and quite a substantial one. A lot of people start having new visions of their new design already after the remodelling began. Many people don’t understand that when they change their mind a lot, the building contractor could have already been spending time and effort carrying out the previous plan. So all these changes of the mind can also have a cost.

Professional Cleaning

After all the remodelling has been finished and all the new furniture installed, it’s not quite all done yet. There’s still a layer of sawdust covering everything, which you can’t just ignore. So you’ll need a few days to carry out top to bottom cleaning to make everything sparkle again. You can do all that on your own but it will take a lot of time, which a lot of people don’t have, especially when working with a busy schedule. So you might to consider hiring a professional cleaning service to get rid of all the post-renovation mess.


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